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Thursday, July 31, 2014
Welcome to CID

CID Idaho

The Consortium for Idahoans with Disabilities or CID is a coalition of Idaho agencies and organizations concerned with issues affecting people with disabilities. CID has no formal membership structure. Members share responsibilities such as hosting meetings and being the "point of contact" for the consortium. Any organization that meets the membership criteria can join CID.

Mission Statement

To protect, promote and advance the rights and interests of people with disabilities of all ages in Idaho in a manner consistent with the following principles:

  1. CID will promote and protect the rights of people with disabilities to meaningful personal choice and self determination.
  2. CID will promote the right to independence and self sufficiency for people with disabilities.
  3. CID will promote the right to inclusive, adapted, accessible services, residences, education, health care and employment for people with disabilities.

Meetings are held first Wednesday of every month. See calendar for information.

Interested in being a member? See CID Membership Criteria page.

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